Native video stack
Built for speed, simplicity, and scale

About the native video stack

Create, manage, measure, optimize, and monetize - all in one stack. Our fully customizable native video stack comes with all the tools you'll need to scale your monetization across any screen and channel. Complete your transactions in a private exchange with pre-bid verification. Safely connect to hundreds of global partners.
Customized Player
Experience powerful player performance and unparalleled monetization solutions, fully customized to your needs.

Our array of video players means you can customize across any video environment, including mobile desktop and CTV. Watch your revenue grow with our in-player yield optimization.

Manage and measure your programmatic, RTB, and private demand from one secure place.

Gain real-time insights for yield optimization and watch your revenue rise. Publishers: see how you can simply tap into a single tag and instantly maximize all demand opportunities with thousands of partners.

Finally, the monetization boost you've been waiting for is here. Access multiple trading desks and direct advertisers.

The ironSource advertiser Marketplace integrates seamlessly with our native video stack, putting a wide range of the world's top demand to work for our publishers.

Endless opportunities