Mobile Gaming in the Age of Coronavirus
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has upended our lives and personal interactions

Schools and businesses have closed, major events were canceled or postponed, and the people across the world have been either encouraged or forced to remain within their homes. As we all work to personally cope with this pandemic, our working lives continue. Self isolation, quarantines, and WFH are the new reality, and we must assess how these changing behaviors impact the work we do.

The impact on advertising

Travel brands and products low on inventory have slowed or paused their spend all-together. Spending for events like the NBA or theatrical releases like James Bond’s No Time to Die are being suspended or pushed back. However, as people avoid social gatherings, public transportation, and big events, that attention and time spent continues to redistribute to other mediums like home entertainment, podcasts, and especially mobile. The graph below shows the increase of average daily hours spent per mobile device, based on countries most impacted by Coronavirus in February.


Mobile time spent during coronavirus by country
February time spent on mobile, based on countries impacted by Coronavirus

Source: App Annie

More time at home means more time on mobile games

According to Sensor Tower’s February data, mobile gaming downloads rocketed up 49%, with a 62% increase coming from China. As Chinese fears of Coronavirus and quarantines began in early 2020, time spent at home and mobile games received an obvious boost. As Coronavirus surges in the US and the public is urged to stay home, time spent on mobile gaming will only increase further. 

Casual gaming is an easy way for those at home to take a break from work or family, distract themselves from the constant news cycle, and find a relaxing break for themselves. Below are the games that trended, by country, for the first two weeks of March.

Top games by country, during Coronavirus
Top games by country, during Coronavirus March 1 - 14, 2020, on IOS & Google Play

Source: App Annie


Take a look at ironSource’s February trending games below:  

  1. Slap Kings
  2. Slap That - Winner Slaps All
  3. The Seven Deadly Sins
  4. Draw Climber
  5. OverTake
  6. Woodturning
  7. Shredder Arcade
  8. Sort It 3D
  9. Dentist Bling
  10. Pull The Pin
  11. Lucky Looter
  12. Chores!
  13. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
  14. Cut & Paint
  15. Call of Duty: Mobile