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Connect your brand to the most engaged audiences in the world, at scale, with our mobile mediation platform and marketplace. Cut out unnecessary ad-tax by leveraging our direct relationships with the world’s largest mobile gaming publishers.
2.5 billion
users worldwide
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Brand safe and
inherently viewable

Drive results with powerful
ad experiences

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Whether you buy programmatically or directly, ironSource has solutions to get your creative seen by millions of people. Our ad placements optimize the experience for players, for publishers, and for your brand.

We don’t play around when it comes to brand safety

ironSource is committed to a clean supply chain. We lead the charge to implement industry leading viewability and brand safety initiatives like, app-ads.txt, Open Measurement SDK, TAG Certification, sellers.json, and Supply Chain Object.

Completion rate

vs. 65% benchmark


vs. 65% benchmark

Bring your brand to life with our creative solutions

Our in-house studio allows us to build playable, interactive, and rich media units that engage and delight players. We work with you to build and deliver elevated ad experiences.

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